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Pat Houghton's Reel

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PAT HOUGHTON'S REEL 3x32 Reel (3C set) David Carter

1 - 4 1st, 2nd and 3rd couples dance Half Reflection Reels of Three on sidelines with 1st couple crossing down and finish in third place on opposite side.
5 - 6 3rd, 2nd and 1st couples, with nearer hands joined, Set.
7 - 8 1st couple dance into middle and finish back-to-back facing first corner, WHILE 2nd couple step down
9 - 10 1st couple Set round each other to finish in the middle facing second corner position, WHILE 2nd and 3rd couple dance on one place clockwise.
11 - 12 1st couple with persons in second corner positions (3rd man and 2nd woman) change places giving right hands to finish with 3rd man and 2nd woman back to back in the middle facing 1st couple. WHILE 2nd man and 3rd woman Set to each other.
13 - 14 3rd man and 2nd woman Set three quarters round each other to finish back-to-back in the middle on the first corner diagonal, WHILE dancers in the corners dance one place clockwise round the set. (3rd man facing 1st woman who is in her original position and 2nd woman facing 1st man who is in 3rd woman's original position)
15 - 16 3rd woman with 1st woman, also, 2nd woman with 1st man, giving right hand turn to finish in lines of three across WHILE 2nd man and 3rd woman Set.
17 - 18 2nd and 3rd couples Set, WHILE 1st couple, giving right hands, change places
19 - 20 All three couples dance last two bars of Three Couple Set and Link
21 - 24 1st man and 3rd man, also 1st woman and 2nd woman, Set and Link
25 - 28 2nd and 3rd couples dance Right Hands Across Three Quarters round to finish on own sides WHILE 1st couple Set and cast (man up and woman down) 1st couple finish in the middle at ends of set.
29 - 32 1st couple, giving right hands turn three quarters to second place on own side.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, David Carter)

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Dance Information

This dance, Pat Houghton's Reel, was devised by David Carter (CSCDS Inc.) for Pat Houghton who was David's Demonstration teacher at Summer School.

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