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THE PEACHTREE REEL (R8x32) 3C (4C set) Jimmie Hill, Atlanta Branch 40th Anniversary Book

1- 8 1s+2s set, 1s cast one place while 2s dance up into 1st place and face out; 1M+2M turn LH while 1W+2W turn RH, 2s finish in 1st place in a line across facing down with 1s between them nearer hands joined, facing up
9-16 1s+2s set, 1M+2M turn LH while 1W+2W turn RH to bring 1s into 2nd place; 1s cross down (no hands) to below third place and turn 3s (1M+3W LH and 1W+3M RH) to finish with 1s in 2nd place opposite sides
17-24 1s cross RH, cast to their right to finish in centre facing up or down while 2s+3s set to each other and cross RH; 1s change places LH up or down and cast to their left to finish 2nd place opposite sides while 2M+3M and 2W+3W set up and down and change LH on sides
25-32 1s passing LSh dance ½ diagonal reel of four with 1st corners; 1s pass LSh and dance ½ diagonal reel of four with 2nd corners; 1s finish in 2nd place on own sides


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This dance, The Peachtree Reel, was devised by Jimmie Hill of Edinburgh, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the RSCDS Atlanta Branch and was published in "Celebrating 40 Years of Dancing Memories".

Around Atlanta, many places are named after peaches. Their names are attributed to Peachtree Creek, a major stream in Atlanta which flows almost due west into the Chattahoochee River just south of Vinings.

Peachtree Creek's name is said to go back to the Cherokee tribe who inhabited the Cherokee village of Pakanahuili. Pakanahuili was translated into English as "standing peach tree", probably wrongly, since there were no known peachtrees near this village at the time.

It should probably have been translated to "standing pitch tree" since Pitch trees are native to this area and Peach trees are not. The Cherokee used pitch pine wood in canoe construction, for decorative carvings and probably medicinally.

Peachtree Creek - Information Video

Standing pitch trees
Pitch Pine Trees

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