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The Peat Road

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The Peat Road
Deirdre MacCuish Bark
Reel   8 x 32 bars   3 Couple Repeat   4 Couple Set   Longwise Set

  1-8   the bourrel, 1s finishing facing out:

  1-4   1M2L set advancing and turn both hands (pas-de-basque), turning on the spot to finish back to back on the centre line, 2L facing up, 1M facing down, WHILE 1L 2M chase anticlockwise around them to finish facing partners;

  5-6   1s 2s set to partners;

  7-8   1s 2s turn both hands ¾ to finish 2s1s3s, 1s facing out;

  9-12 2s1s3s half reels of 3 on own sides, 1s giving right shoulder to start;

13-16 2M1M 1L3L turn by the left, 1s finishing facing out;

17-20 3s1s2s half reels of 3 on own sides, 1s giving right shoulder to start;

21-24 3M1M 1L2L turn by the left, finishing 2s1s3s facing in;

25-32 2s1s3s 6 hands round and back.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

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The Peat Road - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

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The recommended music is "Crossing the Brook" by Robin Anderson (Orkney).

The Peat Road is the affectionate name for the slightly shorter, inland, single track road with passing places between Fionnsabhagh (Finsbay) and An t-Ob (Leverburgh) in South Harris, Western Isles, Scotland.

Loch a' Gheòidh is one of the multitude of small lochs in this rocky and peat-rich terrain; it means "The Goose Loch" in Gaelic and is pronounced as "Loch ~ Yoe-ee" in English with stress on the first syllable and where:
ch is as in the normal Scottish pronunciation of "loch";
"~" represents the very short, indeterminate, vowel sound;
"y" has the consonantal form;
"oe" is pronounced as in "toe" in English; and
"ee" is pronounced as in "beet".

The Peat Road - Information Video

Peat Road
The Peat Road Looking WNW Along Loch A' Gheòidh About 1km From Fionnsabhagh (Finsbay)

Image copyright Mat Tuck under this Creative Commons Licence 2.0.

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