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Pieces Of Eight 32 bar Jig for 3 couples Rod Downey The Golden Bear Collection
A 3 couple 32 bar jig.

1-8 1C dance a figure of eight around 2C, crossing between 2C to begin.
9-16 2C followed by 1C dance a figure of eight similarly around 3C, finishing with 2C in first place, and 1C in second facing up. The order for the crossings should be 2L, 2M, 1L, 1M.
17-24 1C followed by 3C figure of eight up around 2C at top 1C crossing through 2C to begin, order is 1L, 1M, 3L, 3M finishing 3C in second place facing up and 1C at the foot.
25-32 1C dance a figure of eight up crossing through 3C to begin.

Repeat with a new top couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser Rod Downey, Johnsonville SCD Club Tutor)

Dance Notes

Whilst it is not difficult, the dancers will need to concentrate like they do with e.g. "The Stow Alert".

The tandem figure of eight movements need the leading couples not to be tardy.

(Dance notes by the deviser, Rod Downey)

Dance Information

This jig, Pieces Of Eight (Downey), was devised on 4/3/2020, as a relatively simple fugal dance with the movement of The Ladies Of Dunse as a basis.

Note also that it is a palindrome, so I could have called it the "The Palindrome of Dunse".

The recommended tune is "The Dancing Master" and a good recording is from the CD "Jig for Joy" from the Music Makars.

(Dance information from The Golden Bear Collection Of Scottish Country Dances, reproduced here with the kind permission of the deviser, Rod Downey)

Published in The Golden Bear Collection, reproduced here with the kind permission of the deviser, Rod Downey.

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