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Pinball Wizard by Sue McKinnell 8x32 Reel for 3C

1-4 1W turn 2M RH once round.
5-8 1W turn 3W LH ½ way and dance up behind 3W and 2W to original place; 3W dance all 4 bars to return to original place.
9-12 1M turn 2W LH once round.
13-16 1M turn 3M RH ½ way and dance up behind 3M and 2M to original place; 3M dance all 4 bars to return to original place.
17-24 Reels of 3 on the sides, 1W give LS to 2W, 1M give RS to 2M.
25-32 1C and 2C dance a zigzag change: 1C and 2C set to partners for 2 bars, then 1W set to 2W
WHILE 1M set to 2M for 4 bars, on bar 28, all set advancing to pass RS and change places; on bar 29, all turn over RS
WHILE setting to face up and down in changed places; on bars 31-32 2C and 1C set to partners.


(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Sue McKinnell, Apr 2001)

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams

Dance Information

The figure in bars 1-16 reminds me of the physics of the ball bouncing around in pinball; thus the name of the dance.

Suggested music is Set of Reels (Hornpipes) on Muckle Carfuffle.

Pinball Machines

Dance information by the deviser, Sue McKinnell.
Image copyright Michael Moore for the Pacific Pinball Museum.

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