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A Platinum Pair

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A PLATINUM PAIR (S4x32) 4C set Pam Stephens
3s and 4s start the dance on the opposite sides

1- 6 1s and 4s petronella into centre, set, petronella to opposite side, no polite turn
7- 8 1s with 2s and 3s with 4s chase half way nearer hands joined with partner facing up and down. (2143)
9-16 All couples set advancing to pass left shoulder, repeat, except on ends, then turn partner both hands to face up/down and continue to set advancing. (3412)
17-20 4s around 3s and 1s around 2s, dance ½ Fig of 8
21-24 4L and 1L change RH and set, while 4M and 1M set and change RH. (3142)
25-32 All advance for 1, retire for 1, change RH with partner, circle 4H round to the left


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Dance Information

This dance, A Platinum Pair, was devised to celebrate the 70th Wedding Anniversary of Duard and Betty Lee Barnes.

Betty Lee Barnes and her husband Duard, Ted Blaschke and Bernard Kaiman started the Thistle School of SCD in the mountains of North Carolina.

Betty Lee Barnes Danced at The Washington DC Branch of the RSCDS and was awarded the awarded the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society's Scroll of Honour in 2001.

It is traditional on wedding anniversaries to give your partner (or couples) a gift that symbolises the particular anniversary. These gifts are made of different materials for each wedding anniversary.

The wedding anniversary associated with the material 'Platinum' is the 70th.

Here is a list of the materials associated with traditional anniversary gifts in the UK for the various years.

1st      Cotton11th     Scent30th     Pearl
2nd     Paper12th     Silk and Fine Linen35th     Coral
3rd      Leather13th     Barometer40th     Ruby
4th      Fruit and Flower14th     Clock45th     Sapphire
5th      Wooden15th     Crystal50th     Gold
6th      Sugar16th     Holloware55th     Emerald
7th      Woollen18th     Coloured Gems60th     Diamond
8th      Salt, Pottery19th     Furniture65th     Blue Sapphire
9th      Copper20th     China70th     Platinum
10th    Tin, coal25th     Silver75th     Diamond
80th     Oak
Platinum Pair Platinum And Diamond Ring
Platinum And Diamond Ring

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