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Quarries' Procession (R4x40) A 40 bar reel for four couples in a longwise set. Murrough Landon

1-4 1s and 4s cross RH, then 1W and 4W cast in one place while 1M and 4M cast in two places, passing RSh. 1s and 4s will be diagonally opposite their partners for most of the dance.
5-8 1s and 4s set and dance half LHA ending in balance in line position on the diagonal (a St Andrew's Cross formation). 1s and 4s retain LH in the centre and take RH with the corners: 1M with 2M, 1W with 3W, 4M with 3M, 4W with 2W.
9-12 Balance in line, then 1s and 4s half turn corners RH, releasing hands quickly, with 1s and 4s dancing on ⅛ clockwise to the outside taking RH with a new person while 2s and 3s dance ⅛ anticlockwise taking LH in the centre and RH with a new person. The new balance in line position has 1M, 2W, 3M, 1W down the centre line and 4M, 2M, 3W, 4W across the middle line between 2nd and 3rd places (a St George's Cross formation).
13-16 Balance in line, then 1s turn "corner" RH into promenade hold, both 1s on the left, while 4s half turn "corner" RH out to the corner places. End with 2M, 1M+2W, 4W in a line across at the top half way between 1st and 2nd places and 4M, 1W+3M, 2W in a line across at the bottom half way between 3rd and 4th places. The 1s are facing their 3rd corners (2M, 3W respectively).
17-20 1M+2W and 1W+3M dance half RSh reels of 3 across and end facing their 4th corners (their next corner anticlockwise). 1s need to keep the loop fairly small. The reels should be danced half a place in from the ends of the set, ie between 1st and 2nd places and between 3rd and 4th places.
21-24 1s dance LHA with the new corner person (3W and 2M). The 1s old partners (2W and 3M) release hold and spiral out to the sides ready for the next reel while the 1s retain LH with their new partners, turning a bit extra into promenade hold (1s still on the left) to face the next corner position anticlockwise. The 4s stand.
25-28 1s dance another half RSh reel of 3 across with their new promenading partner and end facing their 2nd corner position (the next corner anticlockwise). 2W and 3M end in 1st and 4th places own side (no longer half a place in).
29-32 1s dance LHA with new corners (the 4s). The 1s end by curving to their L into the centre and taking RH with their partner across the dance, chased by the 4s who take RH up and down the dance ready for RHA. The 1s old partners (2M and 3W) release hold and end in 1st and 4th places own side.
33-34 1s and 4s dance half RHA.
35-38 4s release hold and spiral out to 3rd place own sides while the 1s retain RH and turn RH all the way round moving up to end in 2nd place own side.
39-40 All set on the sides. The progressed order is 3,1,4,2.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA May 2015)

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Dance Information

This dance was written for David and Avril Quarrie on the occasion of their moving from Geneva back to the Hamburg area where they first met.

The dance includes St Andrews and St Georges cross figures then the 1st couple make a metaphorical procession around the four corners of the globe dancing with various people for a while and then moving on to a new corner.

This is supposed to reflect the Scottish and English backgrounds of Avril and David respectively and their successive sojourns in or near Hamburg (the centre) then Virginia, Chicago, San Francisco, Geneva and finally returning to Hamburg, continually meeting new friends but sadly leaving old ones behind - after the old friends have been trained up to be better dancers!

The dance starts with a little broken symmetry, appropriate for a particle physicist, as the men and women do something slightly different and it ends with the 1s finally getting to dance more with each other, turning RH into retirement to their new home in 2nd place while their most recent friends, the 4s, spiral out singly to 3rd place.

Recommended Music: We used the track "Callum Dewar's Reel" from the CD "Special Requests Volume 7" by Colin Dewar.

Avril And David Quarrie
Avril And David Doing A Demonstration In The Globe At CERN In Geneva

Dance information by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA May 2015.
Image copyright Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA May 2015.

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