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Quick And Easy (J4x32) 4C set Sue Petyt
Third and fourth couples cross on the second chord 1 2(3)(4)

1-4 Second and third couples dance right hands across
5-8 First couple with second couple, and third couple with fourth couple dance left hands across, all finishing on the side lines
9-10 First and fourth couples dance in to meet partner, join nearer hands with partner. First couple dance down to finish between second couple, who face down, and fourth couple dance up to finish between third couple who face up
11-12 All set in lines across the dance
13-16 First lady and fourth man give right hands, dance between second lady and third man, and cross to each others place, WHILE fourth lady and first man give right hands, dance between second man and third lady, and cross to each others place (finish 4 2 3 1)
17-20 First couple cross right hand and cast up one place WHILE fourth couple cross right hand and cast off one place. Second couple step up on bars 19-20 third couple step down. (First couple finish facing up, fourth couple finish facing down on the sides. Finish 2 4 1 3)
21-24 First man turn fourth lady with the right hand, and fourth man turn first lady with the right hand
25-32 All four couples dance eight hands round and back

Repeat from new positions

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Sue Petyt, 1994)

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