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Rhinns Of Galloway

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Rhinns Of Galloway
Maggie and Duncan Keppie   Gaelic College SCD Book 12: Corrie Dances
6x32 bar strathspey
2-couple dance in a 3-couple longways set

  1-8   SET, TURN AND CIRCLE: 1st and 2nd couples nearer hands joined on side, set, turn partner with both hands once around and circle to the left once around;

  9-16 REEL OF 4: 1st and 2nd couples dance a reel of 4 on the diagonal between 1st man's place and 2nd woman's place (start by passing partner by the right shoulder, and end with 1st woman and 2nd man curl into place);

17-20 ADVANCE, SET, AND RETIRE: 1st and 2nd couple nearer hands joined on the side, advance one step, set to the left then right, and retire one step;

21-24 ADVANCE, DANCE AWAY AND TURN INTO SKYE HOLD: 1st and 2nd couples nearer hands joined on the side advance one step, drop hands on the side and join same hands with partner ending 1st couple facing up and 2nd couple facing down and dance away from each other one step, then retaining nearer hands with partner turn into Skye Hold (men dance beyond partner to partner's place AS women pull nearer shoulder back and dance into partner's place), end 1st couple facing 2nd couple up and down the dance;

25-32 RHINNS: dance forward-hop-backward-hop diagonally to right (as in the first bar of the Glasgow Highlanders setting step: step forward on right foot and hop bringing left foot into 3rd rear aerial position, step back on left foot and hop bringing right foot into 3rd aerial position)(1 bar), dance one strathspey travelling step diagonally to the right ending 1st man and 2nd woman side by side in middle (1 bar), repeat bars 25-26 with the opposite feet ending in opposite couple's place back-to-back with them, unwind (women swiveling) turning halfway with partner, and set to partner. End having progressed one place.


(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

Dance Information

The Rhinns of Galloway is a hammer-head peninsula in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. Rhinns means a point or promontory.

Rhinns Of Galloway
View Over Luce Bay To The Rhinns Of Galloway

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