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The Right Partner

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The Right Partner 32 bar reel for couples in a circle Márta Lilik, 2018
Each man has his partner on his right, all facing in.

1-8 All dance hands round and back to finish facing partner.
9-16 All, giving right hands, turn partner once round and dance back to back with partner.
17-20 All, giving right hands turn partner three quarters to form two circles (women in the inner circle facing out, men in the outer circle facing in).
21-24 All circle left to find new partner.
25-32 All, giving right hands, turn new partner one and a quarter times to finish in one big circle, facing new partner. Set twice to new partner retaining right hands, end facing the middle of the big circle ready to start again.

Repeat from new positions.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Márta Lilik, 2018)

Published in
Dance information from A Reel Goulash 2, Budapest Book of Scottish Country Dances, reproduced here with kind permission.

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