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THE SCOTSMAN'S CHOICE (R2x48) Man + 2 Ladies Martha Morrison Veranth Wasatch Mountain Collection
Start in line: 1L Man 2L

1- 8 Man+1L turn RH, Man+2L turn LH
9-16 RSh reel of 3 (Man+1L pass RSh)
17-24 Man+1L set twice and turn 2H (skip change)
25-32 Man+2L repeat. Man ends in centre facing 1L
33-40 All dance 3 person Poussette:
 33 Man+1L set advancing and join 2H
 34 Man+1L dance towards centre (Man backwards)
 35 They ¼ turn
 36 They ¼ turn
 37 They dance towards 2L's place (Man forwards)
 38 They drop hands and fall back. 1L now in 2L's place, Man in centre facing 1L
 39-40 Man+1L set twice, Man turning to right to face 2L
 33-40 2L dances 8 bars of Petronella turn and set to end in 1L's place
41-48 Man+2L promenade clockwise round 1L back to place to end 2L Man 1L

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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