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Simone's Serendipitous Meeting (J8x32) A 32 bar jig for 3 couples in a 4 couple longwise set. Murrough Landon

1-2 1st woman sets to 1st man who smiles beatifically but does not set back.
3-4 1st woman turns and sets to 2nd woman who does set back and ends taking 1st woman in promenade hold (1st woman on the right of 2nd woman).
5-6 2nd and 1st women in promenade hold dance down to 3rd place on the womans side facing out as 3rd woman steps up to 2nd place.
7-8 2nd and 1st women dance back to places behind the womans side with 2nd woman leading 1st woman ahead by the left hand (launching her into her Scottish Country Dancing career) while 3rd woman steps back down to 3rd place. 1st woman ends facing in and down, 2nd woman facing out and up. 2nd man also turns to face up and out while 1st man is now released from his impersonation of Simone's non-dancing husband and joins in for the rest of the dance.
9-16 All three couples dance Inveran reels.
17-24 1st and 2nd couples dance double figures of 8 starting with 1st couple crossing down and 2nd couple casting up.
25-28 1st couple half turn 2nd couple with the easy hand (right on the men's side, left on the women's side) and then half turn 3rd couple with the other hand.
29-30 1st couple dance up to the top with nearer hands joined as 3rd couple loop back into 3rd place.
31-32 1st couple cast into 2nd place ending in the order 213.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA March 2016)

Dance Information

Simone, who is originally from Belgium, met her future husband there for a month and then corresponded for four years before joining him in London. Despite thinking she knew everything about him she had unfortunately neglected to ask Ron if he shared her passion for dancing and was very upset to find he did not.

One day in church she poured out her disappointment to the complete stranger who happened to be sitting next to her. This kind lady recommended she try Scottish Country Dancing where she could come without a partner. Simone was immediately hooked and was subsequently taught and examined as a qualified RSCDS teacher by the redoubtable founder of the RSCDS, Miss Milligan, who praised her for "teaching so well in a foreign language".

Fifty years later Simone still teaches weekly at the Epping Forest Scottish Association.

The first eight bars reflect this story then the remainder of the dance is quite traditional.

Recommended Music:
The music for "The Happy Meeting" seems very suitable for this dance too.

Simone's Serendipitous Meeting Image
Simone: today, with her late husband Ron, and in her youth

Dance information by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA March 2016.
Image copyright Simone, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA March 2016.

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