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Six Belles Of Bon Accord

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SIX BELLES OF BON ACCORD (S6x32) 6C set John F Rigby Lindisfarne Strathspey and 8 Other SCDs

1- 8 1L, 3L and 5L cross down 1 place and cast up on opposite side into centre as 1M, 3M and 5M dance across and cast down into centre; 1s+2s, 3s+4s, 5s+6s dance RH across
9-16 1s+3s+5s dance ½ reel of 6 up/down centre (6 bars), ending 5M 5L 3M 3L 1M 1L (Men facing down, Ladies up). 5s+3s+1s pass partner RSh to end facing partner (Men facing up, Ladies down)
17-24 5s, 3s and 1s turn ¾ RH to face up nearer hands joined while 2s, 4s and 6s dance up on sides and turn in to face down nearer hands joined, all set; 2s+5s, 4s+3s, 6s+1s circle 4H round to Left. 2(5)4(3)6(1)
25-30 5s, 3s and 1s dance ½ Fig of 8 up round couples above and turn partners 2H
31-32 5s turn 2H while 3s lead down to 6th place and 1s cast up to 4th place. 254163

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Dance Information

Also see the dance The Belle Of Bon Accord by John Drewry.

This strathspey, Six Belles Of Bon Accord, is a 6 couple version of "The Belle of Bon Accord" devised by John Drewry.

The Bon Accord Free Church is a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland in Aberdeen.

Bon Accord is the motto of the city of Aberdeen and is often used as another of the many nicknames for the city; it means "Good Agreement" in French.

Legend tells that its use dates from the 14th century password used by Robert the Bruce during the Wars of Scottish Independence, when he and his men laid siege to Aberdeen Castle before destroying it in 1308 and massacring the English Garrison, retaking Aberdeen for the townspeople.

The secret phrase to initiate the campaign was "Bon Accord".

Armorial bearings of Aberdeen - Bon Accord

Armorial Bearings Of Aberdeen - Bon Accord

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