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The Squinty Bridge

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THE SQUINTY BRIDGE (J5x32) 5C set Margaret Sanders Glasgow 90th Anniv

1- 8 1s cross RH, cast, dance ½ Fig of 8 (1M round 2s, 1L round 3s). 1s pass LSh to face 1st corners as 4s cross RH and cast to 5th place
9-16 1s dance ½ diagonal reel of 4 with 1st corners, pass RSh, repeat with 2nd corners while 4s dance Fig of 8 round 5s. 1s+4s finish in middle, Ladies face down, Men face up
17-20 1s+4s dance ½ reel of 4. 1L finishes facing down followed by 1M, 4M facing 1M position, 4L facing 3L position
21-28 4s dance ½ diagonal reel of 4 with corners, pass RSh to 4L facing 3M (1L position) and 4M facing 2L (3M position) Repeat ½ diagonal reel with corners. 4s finish in middle facing up (4L on 4M's Left) while 1s dance alternating tandem reel with 5s (1s pass 5L LSh to start)
29-32 4s lead up, Cross&Cast to 3rd place as 1s lead up, cast round 3s into 5th place (3s step up bars 31-32) 23451

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Dance Information

The Squinty Bridge (Finnieston Bridge or The Clyde Arc) has a 140m single span across the river Clyde, joining Finnieston on the north bank with Pacific Quay on the south.

It is unusual in that it crosses the river on a significantly skewed alignment which was dictated by the availability of suitable landing points on the south side (hence the nickname 'Squinty Bridge').

The Squinty Bridge
The Squinty Bridge Over The River Clyde, Glasgow

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