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The St Abb's Head Reel

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The St Abb's Head Reel
A 32 bar reel for 3 couples in a four couple set.

1 - 8 First and second couples dance right hands across for four steps once round.
First couple cast off into second place and turn with the left hand to finish in second place, while second couple lead up for two with right hands joined and then turn with the right hand to finish at the top of the dance facing out ready to cast off into...
9-16 The first three couples dance Symmetrical Reels of Three on the side giving nearer hands to partners where possible.
First couple begin by dancing in and down.
Second couple begin by casting off from the top of the dance and then in allowing the third couple to pass through between them first. Third couple begin by dancing out and up, then in, in front of the second couple.
Second and third couples finish the reels by casting round ready for...
17-24 Circle round and back for the first three couples
25-32 First couple dance a full figure of eight up round the second couple above them, finishing in second place ready to start again.

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Ruary Laidlaw, 1998)

Dance Notes

This dance, The St Abb's Head Reel, was composed a relatively simple dance that involved only Skip Change of Step and Symmetrical Reels of Three.

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