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A Ten Year Reel

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A Ten Year Reel (R40x8), 3C (4C set) Célie Marchand, August 2017

1-8 1s and 2s set
1s cross to 2nd place (giving RH) and face out while 2s cast up
1s cast down 1 place to finish in 3rd position, while 2s cross RH and 3s cross up to 2nd place giving LH, 2s, 3s and 1s set on opposite sides in order 2 3 1
9-16 1s cross RH, cast up 2 places and dance down turning RH (or pivot turn) to finish in 2nd place, back to back in the middle facing opposite lines, ready for Double Triangles
3s step down on bars 7 and 8
All 3 couples are on opposite sides, 1s back to back in the middle
17-24 2s+1s+3s dance Double Triangles
while 1s move round by the right, 2s and 3s move 1 place anticlockwise (in PdB) and repeat 1s finish on opposite sides in 2nd place, 2(1)3
25-32 2s+1s+3s dance half RSh Reels of 3, with 1L facing down and 1M facing up to start
1s dance a fishhook: 1M dances up between 2s, around 2M, to finish in 2nd place own side, while 1L dances down between 3s, around 3L, to finish in 2nd place own side while 2s and 3s set and cross RH
33-40 2s+1s+3s dance set and link (4 bars)
1s dance back to own sides (finishing in 2nd place) with a Petronella Turn or Petronella Méaudre Reel Turn (2 PdB + 4 Highcuts)
while 2s+3s chase clockwise half way to finish in order 2 1 3

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Célie Marchand, 2017)

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A Ten Year Reel - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This dance, A Ten Year Reel, was devised for the 10th anniversary of the Méaudre Reel by one of Méaudre Reel's "oldest" dancer, Célie, a 16-year old teenager.

Dancing in Méaudre all started because in January 2006, there happened to be no snow in this little ski resort in the French Alps. To keep her pupils busy that winter, Sophie Marchand started to teach them Scottish country dancing instead of skiing during her PE lessons.

In May 2018, for the Méaudre Reel's 10th anniversary, 100 dancers coming mostly from France and UK took part in a SCD weekend in Méaudre. Naturally, they all ended gathered for a photo souvenir... around a marmot wearing a kilt (Méaudre Reel's mascot!) at the end of the weekend.

The suggested tune for this dance, A Ten Year Reel, is The Marmot's Reel - By David Foreman - Music Full Size

(Dance information by Sophie Marchand)

Here is the original crib for A Ten Year Reel, published in Méaudre Reel 2021, also available as a .pdf A Ten Year Reel (Portable Document Format).

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