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Thistledown The Wind

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Thistledown The Wind (S3x32) A 32 bar strathspey for three couples in a longwise set. Fiona Macdonald Dedicated Dancing 2

1- 4 All advance and retire
5- 8 1s and 3s Turn ¾ right hand to M face up and Ls face down in centre of set and Set
9-16 1s and 3s Right shoulder Reel of 4
17-20 1s and 3s Set and Turn right hand to face up (own side) in centre of set
21-24 1s cast to 3rd place and face up, 3s dance up between 2s and cast to 2nd place to face down, 2s step to 1st place (on 23+24) face each other. 231
25-32 Grand chain (2s cross at top of set, 3s and 1s changing right hand on sides to start) 231

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Fiona Macdonald, 2023)

Dance Information

This reel, Thistledown The Wind, was inspired by spending any spare moment last week pulling thistles. Also 2 of my grandsons were performing in a musical version of Whistle Down The Wind a few years ago.

For all in the Beginners 'Boost And Learners' Leg Up class Kilmorack, Scotland.

(Dance information by the deviser, Fiona Macdonald, 2023)

Thistle Seeds Ready To Take To The Moorland Air, With Collie Law On The Scottish Borders In The Background

Image copyright Jim Barton under this Creative Commons Licence 2.0.

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