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Thoughts Of Romance (S8x32) 3C (4C set), Méaudre Reel 2021
Devised by Manon Algoud, Faustine Depay, Eva Piccarreta, Manon Le Duc and Lise Marchand.

1-8 1s turn both hands (in 2 bars) and twirl back to place 1s change places with 2s (1L with LH, 1M with RH) 2s+1s+3s set
9-16 1s+3s dance a full Diamond Poussette
17-24 Set and Link for 3 RSh half Reel of 3 on the side lines, with 1s passing LSh (1L dancing up giving RSh to 3L/ 1M dancing down, giving RSh to 2M), finishing in 213
25-32 1s dance a full figure of 8 ( 1L dancing up around 2s/ 1M dancing down around 3s)
while 2s+3s set and cross RH, set and cross LH

(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Manon Algoud, Faustine Depay, Eva Piccarreta, Manon Le Duc and Lise Marchand)

Here is the original crib for Thoughts Of Romance, published in Méaudre Reel 2021, also available as a .pdf Thoughts Of Romance (Portable Document Format).

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Dance Information

As no dancing was allowed in France because of the pandemic, the Méaudre Reel (France) decided to organise a weekly SCD creation workshop to keep its teenagers active. This workshop lasted for 3 months, from February to April 2021. The teenagers were impressive with their creations, so eager to be dancing again. We thus decided to gather all the Méaudre Reel dances and have a book printed: Dancing in Vercors Book 1. This dance was created by one of the teenagers' teams during the weekly SCD creation workshop.

Three girls wanted to create a Strathspey and to start it with a 2 hand turn. "It is so romantic to dance this simple formation with a nice and handsome partner, looking at him straight in the eyes! Do you remember in Newcastle when I danced with M... ? As for me, my best partner ever was in St Andrews, it was a dream dancing a strathspey with A..."

But then, 2 other girls in the team simply said: yes, that can also be a nightmare when dancing with a poor dancer and not understanding a single word of what he says! The 2 hand turn may last just too long!

To have an intensive and magical dancing moment, don't forget to choose a partner with lovely eyes.

The suggested tune for this dance, Thoughts Of Romance, is Les Demoiselles Du Vercors - Strathspey By Seonaid Lynn - Music Full Size

Dance information by Sophie Marchand.

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