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TRAIN JOURNEY NORTH (R4x40) 4C set Bill Forbes Craigievar Book 3
3s and 4s start on opposite sides

1- 8 1s and 4s petronella turn into centre and all set in diamond formations, 1s+2s and 3s+4s dance RH across once round
9-16 1s+4s dance ½ reel of 4 up/down middle; pass partner by RSh, turn to the right and turn person on right RH (1M+3L, 1L+3M, 4M+2L and 4L+2M) to end BtoB between 3s/2s
17-24 4s+2s and 1s+3s dance reels of 4 across, 1s and 4s end turning RH to form line up/down centre with Ladies in centre LH joined
25-32 4s+1s Balance-in-Line, turn partner ¾ RH, dance out to ends, turn and face 2s/3s who have danced in (2s face up and 3s down), 4s+2s also 3s+1s set
33-36 4s+2s and 3s+1s dance a Half Rondel:
 4s/3s dance down under the arch made by 2s/1s who dance up, Ladies cross in front of Men and all cast to meet the other Lady or Man on the opposite side
37-40 All join nearer hands on sides, set and cross RH back to own sides. 24(1)(3)

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Dance Notes

33-40 "half rondel" is not the same as half a "rondel". See Half Rondel page for an explanation of the difference.

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Train Journey North - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

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