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Although we all pay lip-service to the mantra that dances should be taught from original instructions with cribs used only as an aide-mémoire, online cribs may be the only available source in practice. Gaye Collin is a deviser and teacher who sometimes feels a need for clarification of another deviser's dance which would best be achieved direct via e-mail with that deviser; conversely, she has encountered videos of her own dances where the online instructions have been misinterpreted and so she has chosen to make her e-mail address available to anyone who wishes to obtain more detail about her dances. As a deviser listed on this site (or a close associate of a deceased deviser), you may be prepared to follow her example.

However, our making use of your personal information, even an e-mail address, makes us subject to the ponderous General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and so we need to make you fully aware of your rights and to obtain your formal permission.

We plan to work on the basis of Consent under GDPR (for an explanation see Consent); in summary:

  • Our use of your e-mail address would be to publicize it on this site so that anyone wishing to contact you directly may do so.
  • We would only do this if you have explicitly given us permission.
  • You may withdraw permission at any time; we would then give priority to removing the offending material.

While our intention in publicizing your e-mail address would be for purposes connected with Scottish Country Dancing, we would have no control over how it would actually be used. You might be pestered by a persistent or even malicious correspondent. Worse still, there are many web users who attempt to obtain your personal information for purposes, such as junk mail, which may be irritating or even for phishing with the objective of defrauding you. The latter involve robot programs which recognize e-mail addresses; we would use a form of encoding to make it more difficult for these robots but we have to assume that they will become cleverer as time goes by.

Should you decide that the benefits of making your e-mail address available outweigh the risks, it would be wise to use an e-mail address which is quite separate from any you use for other purposes, especially financial affairs.

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