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The Dusty Miller

Scottish Song By Robert Burns

The Dusty Miller (also known as Hey, The Dusty Miller) is a Scottish song written (or collected) by Robert Burns in 1788.

This is a fragment of an old song given in Johnson's Museum, Part II. 1788. The air is old, and was formerly played as a dancing-tune.

Robert Burns was enlisted as a contributor and editor by the engraver James Johnson to work on the second volume of his collection in 1787. Burns not only collected songs but often expanded or revised them, also including much of his own work, so the exact provenance of this song is uncertain.

The Dusty Miller is written from the woman's view point and tells of a brief or casual involvement with a local miller.

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The Dusty Miller

The Dusty Miller By Robert Burns

Hey, the dusty miller,
And his dusty coat!
He will win a shilling,
Ere he spend a groat.
Dusty was the coat,
Dusty was the colour;
Dusty was the kiss,
That I gat frae the miller!

Hey, the dusty miller,
And his dusty sack!
Leeze me on the calling
Fills the dusty peck,
Fills the dusty peck,
Brings the dusty siller:
I wad gi'e my coatie
For the dusty miller.

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The Dusty Miller - From Page 161 Of 'The Glen Collection Of Printed Music'

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