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Parallel Covering

Covering is the technique of fine tuning by which the symmetry is maintained. (See Covering for greater detail)

The following are examples of Figures where Parallel covering may need care.

  • Turn both hands for more than one Couple (as, for example, in bars 3-4 and 5-6 of Neidpath Castle where the dancers must move more quickly than they may expect).
  • Teapots (as, for example, in bars 9-16 of the Scottish Country Dance Langholm Fair).

Parallel covering is more difficult than Mirror covering because the dancers never Face each other; at best, they can glance sideways at each other though, mostly, one is looking at the other's back. The onus on keeping to the correct Phrasing is on the dancer Facing away; the other dancer must fit exactly with that Phrasing. Covering is slightly easier when two or more Couples are Turning Both hands since one dancer of each Couple is always Facing the other Couple(s).

Taking hands is not possible as an aid to Parallel covering.

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