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Back O' Bennachie Aberdeen RSCDS Branch Team, Duthie Park 2015
Back On Track Cologne Scottish Country Dancers 2015
Back To Bach Russia 2015
Back To Back SCDS Of Berlin, Robert Burns Night 2017
Back To School RSCDS Hamilton and Clydesdale, Winter Dance 2017
Back To The Fireside Glasgow University Mixed Team, Newcastle 2017
Badgers' Sett Camserney Dance Club 2016
Bailey's Irish Cream Baltyn Lights 2018
Baldovan Reel Orpington and District Caledonian Society 2015
Baldovan Square RSCDS Sheffield 2013
Baldyquash Lower Hutt SCD Club, New Zealand 2017
Balgeddie Reel Cincinnati Branch Of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 2010
Ballantine House Fanwood, New Jersey 2014
Ballynaree Chard Scottish Country Dancers 2018
Balmaha Berlin Hopalots 2016
Balmoral Strathspey Lower Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Balmullo Reel SCD Group Hong Kong 2017
Balquidder Strathspey Upper Hutt Scottish Country Dance 2014
Banks Of Clyde RSCDS Toronto, Dancing In The Park 2017
Banks O'Doon Moscow School Of Scottish Dance 2015
Bannockburn 700 Ochil Scottish Country Dancers, Stirling, Scotland 2016
Baratte Your Way Home RSCDS 2016
Barbara's Jig RSCDS Sheffield 2016
Barbara's Strathspey Glasgow University, Newcastle Festival 2018
Barley Bree Buenos Aires Scottish Country Dancers 2013
Barley Twist Grahamstown Scottish Country Dancers 2018
Barmkin Vancouver Island Scottish Country Dancers Ceilidh 2011
Barop Wedding 2016
Barrie Alexander Strathspey 2009
Barton Barbecue SCD Group Hong Kong 2010
Battle Of Harlaw Aberdeen RSCDS Demonstration Dance 2011
Battle Of Trafalgar (Rose) 2017
Bauldy Bains Fiddle San Diego Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 2012
Be My Partner Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2015
Be Seeing You Tomsk Scottish Ball, Russia 2018
Beach Dancer Lower Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Bearsden Jig Tay Dancers 2019
Bea's Delight RSCDS Toronto 2017
Because He Was A Bonnie Lad RSCDS London Branch Demonstration Team 1992
Bedrule RSCDS Toronto Beginners' Night 2017
Beechwood Strathspey Ardgay Rally 2013
Bees Of Maggieknockater Singapore Saint Andrew's Ball 2011
Bees They Are A'Drummin' Tay Dancers 2019
Belfast Hornpipe Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2015
Belhaven (Reel) RSCDS Tucson Branch Demonstation 2009
Bell Rock Reel East Angus RSCDS 2011
Belle Of Bon Accord Ochil Scottish Country Dancers, Stirling, Scotland 2017
Belle Of The Ball (Boyd) Waikanae SCD Club 2017
Berkhamsted Castle Berkhamsted Strathspey And Reel Club 2013
Berry Brow RSCDS Ribble Valley Branch 2017
Berwick Johnnie Budapest 2011
Best Set In The Hall International Team Newcastle festival 2011
Bethankit Tawa SCD Club, Wellington 2017
Betty's Wedding SCD Group Hong Kong 2014
Bev's Delight Scottish Country Dancing Club, Tartan Night 2018
Beyond The Black Stump Budapest 2013
Big Mac Naramata Scottish Country Dancers 2018
Big Tam Tay Dancers 2018
Bill Clement MBE RSCDS Paris Team, Newcastle Festival 2018
Bill Little's Strathspey Julie Young Dancers, Aberdeen Festival 2018
Birkenside Flying Scotsman Scottish Country Dance Group, Salzburg 2015
Birks Of Invermay RSCDS, Northern Virginia Branch 2013
Birks Of Lafayette Budapest 2010
Birthday In Vienna RSCDS San Francisco 2018
Birlin' Awa Dufftown Dance Club 2014
Birlin' Sporrans Tay Dancers 2015
Birls Allowed Ochil Scottish Country Dancers, Stirling, Scotland 2016
Black Bear Celtic Society Display, Newcastle Festival 2014
Black Black Oil Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2019
Black Dance DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Black Donald Members Of The RSCDS SW WA State Branch Vancouver Class 2011
Black Haired Lassie Weihnachtsball Münster 2016
Black Leather Jig Loch Leven Dancers 2017
Black Mountain Reel SCD Society Of Berlin Burns Night 2009
Black Swans Of Narrabeen Canberra RSCDS National Folk Festival 2016
Blackadder Jig Houston RSCDS, Houston Ball 2012
Blackwater Reel Edinburgh University, Aberdeen Festival 2017
Blarney Stone Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Blethering Beth RSCDS Edinburgh 2018
Blooms Of Bon Accord RSCDS Summer School Week 3 Demonstration 2012
Blue Bonnets 15th Annual Bluebonnet Ball In San Antonio Texas 2012
Blue Butterfly Tay Dancers 2018
Blue Loch DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Blue Mess Jacket Bob Anderson's Summer Dancing, Victoria BC 2011
Blues Glide Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Bobby Brown's Canadian Breakdown Bluebonnet Scottish Dancers 2013
Bob Campbell Vancouver Island Scottish Country Dance Society 2013
Bob Sanders Scottish Country Dance Class, Seattle 2012
Bob Shakespeare's Jig Weihnachtsball Münster 2016
Bob's Chase Red Thistle Dancers, Pleasanton Highland Games 2017
Bohemian Reflections Royal Scottish Country Dance Society 2017
Bon Viveur Charlotte (NC) Scottish Country Dance Society 2018
Bon Voyage RSCDS London Branch Ball, Battersea 1996
Bonavista Trinity Social Group 2016
Bonnie Anne Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2014
Bonnie Charlie 2013
Bonnie Heather New Haven Ball In New Haven Connecticut 2010
Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie Summer Course, Kuckucksnest 2018
Bonnie Ina Campbell RSCDS Gleneagles SCD Club, West Vancouver, British Columbia 2018
Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord Hamilton RSCDS, Ontario, Canada 2010
Bonnie Stronshiray Lisbon Telheiras SCD Group, Benfica, Lisbon 2012
Bonnie Tree Auckland 2013
Bonny Bells Of Heather 2016
Bonny Jocky DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Books And Maps 2013
Border Lassies Nanaimo Scottish Country Dancers, British Columbia 2013
Border Meeting Scots On The Rocks (Sydney), National Folk Festival, Canberra 2013
Border Reivers Reel RSCDS Edinburgh Display, Newcastle Festival 2012
Border Weavers Fanwood, New Jersey 2013
Borders' Traditional Nunspeet Weekend 2017
Born To Dance Lower Hutt Club, Wellington, New Zealand 2017
Borrowdale Exchange RSCDS San Francisco 2018
Boston Two-Step Walkthrough Sequence Dance Steps 2013
Bountree Reel 2015
Bousfield Reel RSCDS London Branch Dance, Battersea, 1996
Bow Fiddle Medley Braemar Dancers of Winnipeg 2007
Bow Fiddle Rock Loch Leven Dancers 2015
Bow Fiddle Shore RSCDS Hamilton Demonstration Team 2012
Boxing The Compass Newark, White Rose Festival 2018
Boyndie Knot Red Thistle Dancers, Pleasanton Highland Games 2011
Bracken On Broughton Moor Gay Gordons, Epping Forest And Richmond Groups 2017
Braes Of Atholl 2012
Braes Of Balquhidder (MacNab) RSCDS Edinburgh Branch Demonstration Team 2012
Braes Of Busby University Of Edinburgh New Scotland, SCD Society 2013
Braes Of Breadalbane Newcastle Festival, International Team Men 2011
Braes Of Mellinish RSCDS Summer School, St Andrews 2014
Braes Of Yarrow Red Thistle Dancers, Pleasanton Highland games 2018
Braes Of Tulliemet RSCDS Paris Team, Newcastle Festival 2018
Bramble Bush RSCDS Toronto 2017
Bramble Circle Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers 2017
Branches Together Settle, North Yorkshire 2008
Bratach Bàna Westbury Scottish Club 2012
Braveheart (Laidlaw) RSCDS Toronto, Dancing In The Park 2017
Breakdown RSCDS Southwest Washington State Branch 2011
Breakfast Time Jig Scottish Country Dancers Dresden 2016
Brecon In March Tay Dancers 2017
Breeks Are Loose Tay Dancers 2017
Bridesmen And Groomsmaids 2015
Bridge Of Athlone Folk Dance Tournament 2011
Bridge Of Nairn Alba Clyde Ladies, Newcastle Festival 2016
Bridge Of Sighs Oxford Cambridge Highland Ball Country Demonstation 2012
Bridge Over The Atlantic Rosedale Youths Of RSCDS Toronto 2009
Bridgwater Geordie 2013
Brisk Young Lad Gatineau Quebec 2011
Britannia Twostep Dufftown Scottish Country Dancing 2015
British Grenadiers Katharine Barber Country Dancers, Kirkcudbright Scottish Night 2018
British Man O' War Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers 2017
Broadford Bay St Andrews 1997
Broadway Turnham Green Dancers 2019
Brochan Lom RSCDS Toronto 2017
Broken Symmetry Gay Gordons And Friends, London 2018
Brook Johnsonville, New Zealand, SCD Club's Tartan Night 2016
Broun's Reel Louisiane Vintage Dancers 2010
Bruce Frazer Of Strathkinness Orange County Branch RSCDS, California 2018
Bruce's Men Telheiras Scottish Country Dance Group Lisbon 2011
Brudenell Jig Scottish, Tomsk, Russia 2017
Brunette d'Écosse 2014
Bruntsfield Links 2013
Bubble Sort Münster Christmas Ball 2016
Buchan Eightsome Reel Paris Branch WE, Reims 2008
Buchan Gate Telheiras Scottish Country Dance Group Exhibition 2009
Buchan Lass 2013
Buckie Loon Humbercrest Group, Gala Day 2018
Bude's Coming Of Age Bude Scottish Country Dance Club 2016
Budapest Birl Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2013
Bunker Hill RSCDS Belfast 2017
Burn Of Sorrow Fanwood, New Jersey 2015
Burnaby At Forty RSCDS Summer School 2012
Burnieboozle SCD Weekend, Chemnitz 2015
Burns Bicentenary Strathspey Budapest 2013
Burns' Hornpipe Naramata Scottish Country Dancers 2013
Burns Night Budapest Scottish Dance Club, Burns Supper 2018
Bus Monitor Kuckucksnest, Summer Course, Germany 2018
Butter Churn (McKinnell) Tay Dancers 2017
Buttercup At The Ball During The RSCDS Conference Weekend In Perth/Scotland 2010
Butterfly (Collin) Lower Hutt Club, Wellington, New Zealand 2017
Buttermilk Falls Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand 1993
Butterscotch And Honey Berlin HOPaLOTS 2011
Button Boy RSCDS Gleneagles Scottish Country Dance Club 2018
By Invitation RSCDS Ribble Valley Branch 2017
Bydand (Drewry) Display Section Performance At Evening Dance 2010
Bye Bye, Barbara RSCDS Toronto 2006
Byron Strathspey Ochil Scottish Country Dancers, Stirling, Scotland 2018

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