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J B Milne Ochil Scottish Country Dancers, Stirling, Scotland 2019
Jack Gregor's Jig RSCDS Helensburgh And District 2017
Jack O' Carron Tay Dancers 2018
Jackdaw 2014
Jack's Delight Ruhrball 2016
Jack's Jig (Kelly) Red Thistle 40-Something Anniversary Dance 2016
Jack's Strathspey Red Thistle 40-Something Anniversary Dance 2016
James Carter's Strathspey Charlotte (NC) Scottish Country Dance Society 2018
James Gray Nunspeet, 2019
James Senior Of St Andrews Ladies Russian Team, Newcastle Festival 2019
Jamie's Jig (St Amand) Telheiras Scottish Country Dance Group 2008-11
Jamie's Retirement Reel 2011
Jane's Jig (Petyt) 2009
Janet's Cup Of Tea RSCDS Helensburgh's 40th Annual Weekend 2018
Janet's Delight Central Coast Bush Dance and Music Association 2012
Janette Bullochs Strathspey 2012
January Welcome Trinity Social Group, RSCDS Toronto 2016
Jaywalking RSCDS Cape Town Branch 2017
Jean Martin Of Aberdeen San Diego Royal SCD Society 2012
Jeannie O' The Witchin' E'e RSCDS London Branch 2003
Jennifer McFarlane's Wedding Waikato Bay Of Plenty Dancers, Kihikihi 2017
Jennifer's Jig Chard Scottish Country Dancing Club 2015
Jennifer's Jig (3-Couple Version) Chard Scottish Country Dancing Club 2015
Jenny Dang The Weaver Graziani Group, Bologna 2020
Jenny's Bawbee Graziani Group, Bologna 2020
Jessie's Hornpipe Chiswick Scottish Country Dance Club 2012
Jig For Eric And Margaret New Kilpatrick Demonstration Team, 2007
Jig For Hazel Singapore St Andrew's Society Ladies Team 2011
Jig For Jennifer C Charlotte Scottish Country Dance Society 2018
Jig For John Philip RSCDS Dunfermline Branch 2019
Jig For Jyllian Charlotte (NC) Scottish Country Dance Society (CSCDS) 2018
Jig For Marcus RSCDS Toronto 2016
Jig For Mrs Dunn Rosedale (Toronto) Children's SCD Class Medal Test 2016
Jig For Robert Black Charlotte (NC) Scottish Country Dance Society (CSCDS) 2018
Jig To The Music Rosedale Youth Group, Toronto 2019
JillWithAJ RSCDS Ribble Valley Branch 2017
Jill's Gentle Jig San Francisco 2018
Jim Dougal Of Eyemouth Nanaimo Scottish Country Dancers 2019
Jim Johnstone's Reel Tay Dancers 2019
Jim's Circle Of Friends Tay Dancers 2018
Jim's Haberdashery Tay Dancers 2017
Jim's Strathspey Tokai Branch 2006
Jim's Tangents RSCDS Summer School 2019
Jindalee Jig RSCDS Montreal Branch 2018
Joe Foster's Jig Loch Leven Dancers 2017
Joe MacDiarmid's Jig RSCDS Stirling Branch, Drummond Castle 2004
John Black's Daughter International Team Black, Newcastle RSCDS Festival 2015
John Cass RSCDS Summer School SCD Demonstration 2015
John Derek Evans Montreal 2016
John McAlpin London Scottish Country Dance Team Newcastle Festival 2008
John Of Bon Accord New Haven RSCDS Ball 2010
Johnnie Walker RSCDS Moscow Branch 2019
Johnnie's Jig Tea Dancing 8cento, Bologna 2013
Johnnies Welcome Hame St Andrews University Celtic Society 2009
Johnny Groats House Scottish Country Dancing Society Of Berlin 2012
Johnsonville Diamond Johnsonville Scottish Country Dancing Club 2016
Joie de vivre Charlotte Scottish Country Dance Society 2017
Jonathan's Wheels Gay Gordons, London 2017
Jones Falls Hornpipe Ottawa Branch 50th Anniversary Ball 2016
Jordanhill Strathspey RSCDS Toronto 2016
Joyce MacLeod Lower Hutt Club, Wellington, New Zealand 2019
Jubilee Greeting Fanwood, New Jersey 2015
Jubilee Jig Edinburgh RSCDS Demonstration Team 2012
Judie's Farewell To Spring Creek Stone Mountain Highland Games 2016
Juggling With Kiwis Summer Course Social, Kuckucksnest 2019
JuhuuubiThirty 3(xxx)0 2015
Juliet's Reel RSCDS New Zealand Summer School, Auckland 2016
Jump For Joy Darlington SCD And RSCDS Richmond (North Yorkshire) 2018
Just A Dozen Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2015
Just As I Was In The Morning RSCDS Thistle Club Eindhoven 2013
Just For You (Bänninger) 2013
Just In Time German Display Team, Newcastle Festival 2015
Jute Spinner's Reel Plateau Scottish Country Dancers, Enumclaw 2015

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