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Note: All dances beginning with 'Saint' are listed under St.

S S Johnstone
Saddler's Daughter
Saint John River
Salmonfield Poacher
Saltire Medley
Saltire Society Reel
Saltire Strathspey
Salute To Glasgow
Salute To Ian Robertson
Salute To Miss Milligan
Salute To Mrs Mac
Salute To Noel Lillie
Salute To Robert Burns
Salute To Summer
Salute To The Borders
Sands Of Asilomar
Sands Of Morar
Sands Of Seamill
Sandy Butterly
Sandy O'er The Lea
Sandy's Scotch Broth
Sara And Chuck
Sarehole Mill
Saturday Market
Sauchie Haugh
Sausage Machine
Save The Children
Saw Ye My Wee Thing
Saxmundham Reel
Saxonia Express

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