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Summer Wooing

Scottish Poem By Robert Nicoll

Summer Wooing is the title of the Scottish poem written by the Scottish poet Robert Nicoll.

Robert Nicoll (7 January 1814 – 7 December 1837) was a Scottish poet and lyricist whose life, although short, left a lasting impact.

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Summer Wooing

Summer Wooing By Robert Nicoll

The green broom was bloomin'-
The daisy was seen
Peerin' up to the sky
Frae the flower-spangled green-
The burnie was loupin'
By bank an' by brae,
While alang by its margin
A lassie did gae.
She heard the wee birdies
Sing high in the clouds,
An' the downy wing'd breezes
Creep through the green woods;
An' she saw the bright e'enin' sun
Lighting the whole:
There was joy in the lassie's face-
Peace in her soul!

She sat in the shade
Of a sweet-scented briar,
And the sounds of the wild-wood
Came saft on her ear;
While the flushes o' feelin'
Swept o'er her sweet face,
As the clouds o'er the moon
One another do chase.
In the peace of the twilight
Her soul did repose-
Where green leaves were wavin'
Her eyelids did close,
She lay in that bower
In her innocent sleep,
And spirits around her
Their vigils did keep.

The butterfly breathed.
On her cheek for a flower,
As a pure maiden blush
Spoke the dream o' the hour.
While the lassie was sleepin'
A bauld youth came by-
There was life in his footstep
An' love in his eye.
He stood by the maiden
Who lay in her dream,
An' heard her in slumber
Laigh murmur his name.
An idol she seemed
Sae heavenly fair,
And he an idolater
Worshippin' there.
He kiss'd her sweet lips,
An' her warm cheek he press'd;
An' the lassie awoke
On her leal lover's breast!

The e'enin' was fa'in'
On mountain au' fell,
The rush o' the stream
Through the darkness did swell;
But the maid an' her true love
Ne'er heeded the hour,
As they sat in their bliss
In that green briar bower.
He tauld a' his love,
While her tears fell like rain-
Their joy was sae joyfu'
It maistly was pain.
They hamewith return'd
Through the simmer mist gray,
An' twa hearts were happy
For ever and aye!

Summer Wooing, The Wooing Of Daphnis.
Summer Wooing - Daphnis And Chloë
"The Wooing Of Daphnis" Arthur Lemon (1850–1912), Oil On Canvas, c. 1881

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