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Scottish Country Dancing While Singing - CUSRC Friday Night Ceilidh, St Andrews Summer School, 2019.

Video Notes
Some of the Scottish Country Dancing tunes are songs.

See Poems And Songs for many more.

Music was arranged by Saskia Frisby and the pianist was Rodger McAndrew.
Muirland Willie, The Lea Rig, Mairi's Wedding, Elephant's Stampede (danced to Nellie the Elephant)

Ian And Juth Muir, RSCDS Summer School, St Andrews, 2019.

The Highland Fling (6 steps) performed by members of the CUSRC and friends on the beach in St Andrews during Week 4 of the RSCDS St Andrews Summer School.
Live music provided by Keith Smith, video credits to Sarah Nolan.

Pas d'basque Practice: Scottish country dancing in everyday life.

Demonstration at the Friday Night Ceilidh in Week 4 of St Andrews Summer School 2019.
Video Notes
Cakewalk is a Highland dance, which does not originate from Scotland, but from the South of the USA. During the time of slavery, on holidays the slaves were invited to the big house, to what was effectively a dancing competition, where they performed dances that imitated their masters' courting rituals in competition for a cream cake. The dance was then brought to Scotland by Jale Mackenzie.

This version of the dance was taught by Lindsey Ibbotson at the RSCDS Spring Fling 2019 in Paris. It is danced by Saskia and Kai from the CUSRC and the music is provided by Keith Smith and Anne-Laure Latour.

(Dance Information From Friday Night Ceilidh Video On YouTube.)

Southland Sketches (memory of a Scottish country dance) by Margaret Hay and Daniel Hay-Gordon, Cellist.

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