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Chase Clockwise

The clockwise version of Chase is Chase clockwise.

It appears for example, in bars 17 to 24 of the Scottish Country Dance 4 Couple Reel by Jean Attwood The Falls Of Rogie -
Bars 1-8. 1s Cross By the right and Cast 1 Place, 1s Cross By the right and Cast 1 Place (Man up Lady down).
Bars 9-16. 1s Dance ½ Reels of 3 across (1M with 2s and 1L with 3s), Set in Lines across and change Places By the right with the Opposite person.
Bars 17-24. 2s+1s+3s Chase clockwise, 1s Dance for 4 steps and Turn By the right to Face First corner positions While 2s and 3s continue to Chase back to Place (as bar 16).

Here are examples of those Scottish Country Dances for which we have instructions on this site and in which the term, Chase clockwise, either appears explicitly or is implied; note that for a common term these will be a small selection; for a rare term, these may be all that exist:

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Duncan Gray
Eternal Flame
Greyfriar's Bobby
Marmalade Maker
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