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Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams: Ban - Baz

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Banchory Reel
Band Of Friends
Banffshire Centenarian
Bangers And Mash
Banjo Patterson
Banks And Braes
Banks Hornpipe
Banks Of Allen
Banks Of Clyde
Banks Of The Devon
Banks Of The Limmat
Bannockburn 700
Bannockburn Reel
Bannocks And Brose
Bannocks O' Barley
Baratte Your Way Home
Barbara McOwen's Ceilidh
Barbara Rae
Barbara White's Diamond Strathspey
Barbara's Celebration
Barbara's Favourites
Barbara's Littlebeck Scramble
Barbara's Strathspey
Barefoot Bairns
Barley Bree
Barley Twist (Hodgson)
Barmaids' Jig
Barnyard Geese
Barop Wedding
Barr None
Barr's Wedding Birl
Barry And Doreen's Continental Capers
Barton Barbecue
Basic Knitting
Battle Of The Shirts
Battle Of Trafalgar (Chaney)
Battle Of Trafalgar (Rose)
Bauld Buccleuch
Bauldy Bain's Fiddle
Bavaria Birl
Bavarian Nights
Bayside Twenty-First

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