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Football Time

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Football Time R4x32 Anne Dejean
32-bar reel for two couples in a longwise set

1 - 4 1st and 2nd couples dance four hands once round to the right.
5 - 8 All dance a petronella turn into the center, finishing in a line up and down, women facing down, men facing up, and set.
9 - 16 All dance a reel of four.
17 - 20 All dance a petronella turn into partner's place and set.
21 - 24 1st and 2nd couples dance right hands across halfway back to own sides and set.
25 - 32 2nd and 1st couples dance rights and lefts.

Repeat from these new places, or if there are more than two couples, having passed a couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser Anne Dejean)

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Dance Information

This dance, Football Time, was devised in April 2020.
During this period at home, we have a lot of time to spend with the family, and at the request of my son Xavier, the four of us are playing football nearly every day, which can actually be great fun. He's not very fond of dancing, but he accepted to participate so that we could be two couples and try out this dance.

Dance information from The Stay At Home Book, published 2020, reproduced here with the kind permission of the deviser, Anne Dejean.

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