Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary


You may be one of the devisers listed on this site or a close associate of a deceased deviser; if so, and if you notice any error or omission, do please Contact us with any suggestion you would like to make to improve our material. With over 6000 dances, mistakes are bound to occur, especially with similarly named devisers and we would love to get the details correct.

We do not like to deviate far from the published MiniCribs and so, if the dance is not correct in MiniCrib, you would need to contact Charles Upton's successors; when MiniCrib is next updated we will update this site with the new details.

We have mostly only included dances for which a MiniCrib or MaxiCrib exists. If you find yourself, or a closely associated deceased deviser, listed and would like to see a more original version of the instructions shown alongside the existing crib(s) or, indeed, if you have any other dances which you would like to be included on this site, we would love to have you send the material to us for inclusion. Feel free also to include any other relevant details for the "Dance Information" section. Brian Charlton was happy to see his Waratah Collection listed here with the relevant cribs and "Dance Information" attributed to him as, for example, The Bottle Forest.

Although we all pay lip-service to the mantra that dances should be taught from original instructions with cribs used only as an aide-mémoire, online cribs may be the only available source in practice. Gaye Collin is a deviser and teacher who sometimes feels a need for clarification of another deviser's dance which would best be achieved via direct e-mail with that deviser; conversely, she has encountered videos of her own dances where the online instructions have been misinterpreted and so she has chosen to make her e-mail address available to anyone who wishes to obtain more detail about her dances. Please see Deviser Contact if you would be prepared to consider following her example.