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Figures Of Eight Across Halfway

In Figures of eight across halfway two dancers, usually a Couple, each perform a Figure of eight Across, starting with either the Crossing or the Casting movement; each dancer Finishes opposite the Place in which s/he started.

In a common form, the Dancing lady (or Man) Crosses up between the Couple Above and then Casts down While the other Crosses down between the Couple Below and then Casts up, each Finishing opposite the Place where s/he started. The upper diagram shows an example of this form as it occurs in bars 28-32 of MacDonald of the Isles.

In a common alternative form, the Dancing couple, starting from Opposite Sides, both Cross up (or Down) between the Couple Above (or Below) them and then Cast down (or Up) so that they return to their Own sides. Where their paths Cross, Precedence applies. The lower diagram shows an example of this form as it occurs in bars 7-10 of the Scottish Country Dance The Wee Cooper o' Fife.

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