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Note: All indefinite articles are ignored, so for example 'An Eaglesham Fancy' is listed under Ea - Em.

An Gearasdan
An' Thou Wert My Only Dear
And For The Young Ones
And Happy Meet Again
And The Ladies Wore Red
Anderson's Rant
Andrew And Gordons Jig
Andrew's Dance
Angus MacKinnon's Hornpipe
Angus MacLeod
Ann Of Gleneagles
Ann Of Scotia
Anna Holden's Strathspey
Anna Marshall's Strathspey
Annan Gold
Annan Reel
Anna's Wedding Cake
Anne And Five Partners
Anne And Friends
Anne Eltham's Fancy
Anne McArthur
Annie's Dance
Anniversary (McBride)
Anniversary (Thomson)
Anniversary Reel (Muir)
Anniversary Tensome
Anniversary Two Step
Another Piece Of Silver
Another Trip Around The Sun
Ansey Strathspey
Antarctica Bound
Any Which Way
Anya's Dance

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