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Quadrilles Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Quaich Springstep, Medford, Massachusetts 2010
Quarries Jig Newcastle RSCDS Men's Team At Newcastle Scottish Dancing Festival 2012
Quarries' Procession Gay Gordons, Laurieston Hall 2015
Queen City Salute Cincinnati Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Demonstration Team 2007
Queen's Quadrille Ingleneuk Dancers 2008
Queen's View Chard Scottish Country Dancing Club 2015
Queen's Welcome Eastminster Extension Class 2016
Quern Bridport Scottish Dancers 2017
Quincentenary Jig Aberdeen University Scottish Dance Society 2017

Rabbie's Reel RSCDS Toronto Association 2011
Rachan Mill 2016
Racing In Spa 2017
Radcliffe Square Oxford University Scottish Dance Society 2016
Radical Road 2015
Railway 4 Meeting SCD Ball, Hude, Germany 2012
Railway Reel Canberra Scottish Country Dancers, National Folk Festival 2017
Rainbow's End RSCDS Belfast 2017
Rakes Of Auld Reekie Mixed RSCDS Edinburgh Display Team 2012
Rakes Of Glasgow Animated Dance Scheme
Rakish Highlandman Johnsonville SCD Club, New Zealand 2014
Ramadan-ce 2014
Rambling Round the Raith Eddlewood Dancers 2017
Rannoch Moor Fanwood, New Jersey 2015
Rantin' Rovin' Robin RSCDS London Branch Picnic Dance, Polesden Lacey 1996
Raven's Dance Tay Dancers 2016
Ray Milbourne Chiswick Scottish Country Dancing Club 2012
Real Wedding Reel 2017
Recumbent Stone Hastings Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Red Balloon RSCDS Conference Weekend, Perth/UK 2013
Red Dragon Scottish Flowers, Peine, Germany 2012
Red Flower RSCDS Summer School 2010
Red Ghillies Bluebonnet Scottish Country Dancers, Texas 2016
Red House Saint Andrews RSCDS Summer School 2011
Red Nose Jig RSCDS Seattle 2012
Red Rubber Ball 2013
Red Rum RSCDS Ribble Valley Branch 2017
Red Squirrel Reel 2009
Red Wine And Straight Lines RSCDS Toronto Gala Day 2016
Reel For Alice Dancetide SCD In Copenhagen 2012
Reel For Davina Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Reel For Jeannie RSCDS Glasgow 2016
Reel For Lyn Napier SCD Class, New Zealand 2016
Reel For Pania Clive SCD Group, New Zealand 2016
Reel Of Five RSCDS Summer School 2011
Reel Of Mey RSCDS Hamilton And Clydesdale 2017
Reel Of The 51st Division Ochil Scottish Country Dancers, Stirling, Scotland 2017
Reel Of The 51st Division (3-Couple) Shasta Scottish Country Dancers 2011
Reel Of The 51st Division (5-Couple) Toronto RSCDS, Bishop Strachan School 2016
Reel Of The Black Cocks Williamsburg Scottish Festival SCD Demo 2011
Reel Of The Gordon Highlanders Iberian SCD Weekend, Madrid 2015
Reel Of The Pinehurst Eight 2015
Reel Of The Puffins 1st "Fun-Dance-Technique" Weekend Wupprtal/Germany 2009
Reel Of The Royal Scots 'Shady Glen', Russian SCD Festival, Vladimir 2014
Reel Of The Sound DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Reel On Upper Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Reel Roundup Denton Celtic Dancers 2013
Remparts De Séville RSCDS 2016
Rendez-vous à Vichy RSCDS Paris Branch 2018
Rerr Terr Jig Loch Leven dancers 2016
Rest And Be Thankful Scottish Flowers, Peine 2015
Restless Ghost RSCDS Ribble Valley Branch 2017
Return To Shieldaig Bridport Scottish Dancers 2017
Reverend John MacFarlane Newcastle Festival, International Team Men 2011
Reverend Ron Lewis 2012
Ribblesdale Strathspey Easter Course At The Kuckucksnest 2017
Ribbons And Rings 2015
Richard The Third Loch Leven Dancers 2016
Riders Of Rohan Canberra RSCDS National Folk Festival 2015
Ring Of Brodgar The St Andrew Society Scottish Country Dance Class Cyprus 2012
Rita's Ramble 2017
Rivendell Canberra RSCDS National Folk Festival 2015
Riverside Celtic Dancing At Gergel School, Kiev 2012
Riviera Reel 2014
Road To Bluff Hill Clive SCD Group, New Zealand 2016
Road To McGregor RSCDS Cape Town Branch 2017
Road To Rothesay RSCDS Summer School 2014
Road To The Isles DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Road To Torridon Extreme Location Dancers 2016
Roaring Jelly Plateau Scottish Country Dancers 2009
Rob Roy San Gabriel Valley Branch Of The Royal Scottish Dance Society 2009
Robertson Rant By Westchester RSCDS June 2009
Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Rocks Of Gibraltar RSCDS Hamilton And Clysdedale 2017
Rocky Mountain Reel Deep Cove Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Rodney's Rant International Team (Men) At Newcastle Festival 2013
Rolling Dancers Rolling Dance Group, Balatonboglár Wine Festival 2009
Romsey Rant New Forest Scottish Country Dancers 2014
Ron's Favourite Telheiras Scottish Country Dance Group, Lisbon 2016.
Room 1 Johnsonville SCD Club 2015
Rory O' More Scottish Country Dance Weekend, Budapest 2017
Rosalie's Birthday Reel RSCDS Belfast 2016
Rose Garden (Wendell) RSCDS-San Francisco Branch 2013
Rose Of Glamis RSCDS Edinburgh Branch 2011
Rose Of The North Baton Rouge Scottish Country Dancers 2010
Roselath Cross Celtic Society Ladies, Newcastle Festival 2014
Roslin Castle Unicorn Location Dancers, Alongside Roslin Castle 2017
Rosnor Abbey Berlin Hopalots 15th Anniversary Ball 2016
Ross In Bloom RSCDS Birmingham 2017
Rosss's Reel Lower Hutt Club, Wellington, New Zealand 2017
Rothesay Country Dance DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Rothesay Rant Plateau Scottish Country Dancers 2009
Rougemont Castle RSCDS Hamilton and Clydesdale 2017
Round About Hullachan RSCDS London Branch, Hove 1998
Round And Roundabout RSCDS Summer School SCD Demonstration 2015
Round Reel Of Eight RSCDS Glasgow 2016
Roxburgh Castle RSCDS Hamilton and Clydesdale 2017
Roxburgh's Fancy Unicorn Location Dancers 2017
Royal Albert Country Dance Red Thistle Dancers, Pacific Grove Concert 1987
Royal Deeside Railway Cincinnati Branch RSCDS 2009
Royal Edinburgh RSCDS Edinburgh Branch, City Chambers 2017.
Royal Patron RSCDS Summer School Demonstration 2012
Royal Salute SCD Demonstration Younger Hall Summer School 2011
Royal Wedding Lyon RSCDS Ladies Team At Newcastle Scottish Dancing Festival 2012
Royal Yacht Britannia Edinburgh University Dancers Mixed Team 2013
Ruby Hornpipe Waikanae SCD Club 40th Anniversary Dance 2015
Ruby Rant 2015
Ruby Slippers RSCDS Summer School 2008
Ruby Wilkinson's Farewell To Cranshaws 2015
Rutland Reel RSCDS Leicester 2014
Rye Twist RSCDS Summer School 2014

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