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Real Wedding Reel
Recumbent Stone
Red Arrows
Red Balloon
Red Dragon
Red Flower
Red Ghillies
Red House
Red Kites Over The Black Isle
Red Nose Jig
Red Poppy
Red Red Rose
Red Rose
Red Rubber Ball
Red Rum
Red Squirrel (Collin)
Red Squirrel Reel
Red Wine And Straight Lines
Redwood Arbor
Reel Duine Na Marachan
Reel For Alice
Reel For Cosmo John
Reel For Davina
Reel For Jeannie
Reel For Lyn
Reel For Margaret
Reel For Pania
Reel For Poggy
Reel For Renato
Reel Of Five
Reel Of Glamis
Reel Of Mey
Reel Of The 51st Division
Reel Of The 51st Division (3-Couple Version)
Reel Of The 51st Division (5-Couple Version)
Reel Of The Black Cocks
Reel Of The Gordon Highlanders
Reel Of The Pinehurst Eight
Reel Of The Puffins
Reel Of The Royal Scots
Reel Of The Sound
Reel On
Reel Or Two For Sheila
Reel Roundup
Reel Tay Dancers
Reflections On Woodhall Loch
Reinventing The Wheel
Remembering Ingrid
Remembering Marian
Remparts De Séville
Rendez-vous à Vichy
Rennie's Rant
Rerr Terr Jig
Rest And Be Thankful
Restless Ghost
Return To Saint Martins
Return To Shieldaig
Reverend John MacFarlane

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