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Note: The definite article is ignored, so for example 'The Sailor' is listed under S.

T.A.G. Tay Dancers 2015
Taigh Mhicleod Cincinnati RSCDS Demonstration Team 2010
Tail Kinker's Jig The Flying Scotsman, Kirov, Russia 2019
Take My Hand Gleneagles Scottish Country Dance Club 2019
Take Five Vienna 2014
Talisker (Eddershaw) RSCDS Moscow Branch 2019
Talisker (Ryer) DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Tam O' Shanter (Keppie) KW Burns Supper 2020
Tam O' Shanter (Priddey) RSCDS London Branch Picnic Dance, Polesden Lacey 1996
Tam The Storyteller DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Tambourine Taunton Caledonian Society and St Michael's SCD Club 2014
Tandem To Anvil RSCDS Cornwall Branch 2019
Tango Waltz Dufftown Dance Club 2015
Tap The Barrel Vancouver Island Scottish Country Dance Society 2017
Tappie Tourie (Drewry) Walk Through Only 2012
Tarry A While RSCDS Toronto 2015
Tartan Vancouver RSCDS Demonstration Team 2014
Tartan Baggies SCD Group, Hong Kong 2019
Tartan Rainbow Video Produced By Iain Hale 2009
Tattie Bogle Tay Dancers 2018
Tayport Beauty DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Teachers' Pets Grupo Da Lapa 2015
Teachers' Twin Birthday Lapa SCD 2018
Teagan's Triumph Red Thistle Dancers 2019
Teddy Bears' Picnic (Collin) DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Teddybear's Picnic (Leyffer) Chiswick Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Tempest In A Teacup Seattle Scottish Country Dance Performers 2012
Tempête Red Thistle Dancers, Dickens Fair 2011
Ten Up For Kingston 2015
Tenders DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Terrace Loggers' Jig Burnaby International Folk Dancers 2015
Tesla Coil 2019
Thank You Helen RSCDS Central Germany Branch 2007
Thanks For All The Dancing Tawa Scottish Country Dance Club, Wellington, New Zealand 2019
There And Back Palmerston North, New Zealand 2017
There Are No Kangaroos In Austria Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2019
There Be Dragons Chelmsford, Massachusetts 2016
Theres Nae Luck Aboot The Hoose International Team, Newcastle SCD Festival 2019
There's Something About Thirty RSCDS Summer School 2016
Thirteen Fourteen SCD Group Hong Kong 2009
Thirty Isnae Enaw Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2019
Thirtytwosome Reel New Zealand Branch RSCDS, Auckland 2016
This Is No' My Ain Hoose Newcastle Festival, International Team 2013
Thistle And The Columbine Heather And Thistle Ball 2014
Thistle Dancers' Waltz Thistle Scottish Country Dancers 2004
Thistle Dubh SCD Group Hong Kong 2013
Thistle School Jig Flying Ghillies Scottish Country Dancers 2012
Thistle's Fancy Nanaimo, BC, Canada 2016
Thomas Glover's Reel SCD Group Hong Kong 2016
Thornhill Strathspey Evening Social, Lyon 2013
Thornycroft New York Branch Pawling Weekend 2014
Thor's Hammer Johnsonville SCD Club 2017
Those Eyes DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Those Russians Dunedin Summer School Ceilidh 2011
Three Bernadettes Arkansas Scottish Country Dance Society 2014
Three "E"s SCD Weekend Budapest, Farewell Ceilidh 2015
Three Feathers Kuckucksnest 2015
Three Feisty Women Arkansas Scottish Country Dance Society, Little Rock, AR 2011
Three Kings Of Cullen Bergneustadt, Germany 2016
Three-Legged Cat Johnsonville SCD Club 2015
Three Naked Men 2011
Three Score And Ten (Harriman/Torf) DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Three Sisters Schiehallion Roosendaal Class 2009
Three Square Strathspey Parent Class, Rosedale Youth Group 2016
Three Squared SCD Group, Hong Kong 2019
Through the Garden Gate DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Tibby Fowler O' The Glen RSCDS Paris, Mixed Team, Newcastle Festival 2020
Tick Tock Goes The Clock Kuckucksnest, Schl├╝chtern 2019
Tiptoe And Sway Easter Course At The Kuckucksnest 2017
Tiptoe Jig RSCDS Toronto Area Teachers' Workshop 2016
Tiraluin DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Titanic Gay Gordons, Manchester 2012
Tizzy Of Tadpoles Levin SCD Club, New Zealand 2018
To Honour A King Clive SCD Group, New Zealand 2016
To Pennsylvania And Back Charlotte (NC) Scottish Country Dance Society 2018
Toast Of Bon Accord Tay Dancers 2019
Toast To Aberdeen RSCDS Aberdeen Demonstration Team 2015
Toast To Meike 2015
Toast To St Andrews Singapore St Andrew's Society 2008
Toast To The Ladies Sterbfritz, Germany 2012
Toast To The Mousies Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers Demonstration Team 2017
Tocher Band Kuckucksnest, Schluechtern, Germany 2018
Toddle Wi' Joy RSCDS Sheffield 2016
Todlen Hame Tay Dancers 2019
Together In Kippo Thistle And Valley Scottish Country Dancers, Nova Scotia 2018
Tokyo Flyer DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Toll House Fanwood, New Jersey 2015
Tolsta Rant 2010
Tom Cole's Rant Johnsonville Scottish Country Dancing Club 2014
Tomalena Highland Games, Pleasanton 2017
Toms Friends RSCDS London - Display Section Performance At Evening Dance 2010
Topsy Turvy Tay Dancers 2018
Toronto Volunteers Woodglen Social Group of RSCDS Toronto 2017
Torque Back Gay Gordons, Chiswick And Epping Forrest Groups, London 2018
Torridon Cross Chiswick Scottish Country Dance Club London 2016
Torridon Lassies RSCDS Belfast 2016
Torryburn Lassies RSCDS Summer School, Week One Demonstration 2017
Touch Of Disblair Lugnasad 2019
Touch Of Tartan Kitchener-Waterloo Branch RSCDS And Blair Scottish Country Dancers 2018
Tough Love 2015
Touring The World RSCDS Kitchener-Waterloo Branch 2017
Tower Of London Gay Gordons And Friends, London 2020
Toyboys Of Toowoomba Canberra RSCDS National Folk Festival 2016
Toyshop Of Europe RSCDS Birmingham 2017
Traquair House (Houston) RSCDS Central Germany 2013
Traquair House (Stein) Unicorn Location Dancers, Alongside Traquair House 2017
Travelling Dancers Johnsonville, New Zealand, SCD Club's Tartan Night 2016
Travelling Men DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Travelling To America RSCDS Toronto Gala Day 2008
Travelling Triangles South Simcoe, Knox P.C. Alliston 2017
Treasure Of Kennington Gay Gordons, Epping Forest And Richmond Groups 2017
Treasured Cove Deep Cove Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Treasurer Tay Dancers 2019
Tri Mariner Ladies Airyhall Dancers, Newcastle Festival 2016
Tribute To Alba SCD group Alba 2015
Tribute To John Wilkinson Charlotte Scottish Country Dance Society 2018
Tribute To The Basques Grenoble 2018
Tribute To The Black Watch Easter Course At The Kuckucksnest 2017
Tribute To The Borders Alba Ladies Team Newcastle RSCDS Festival 2013
Trinity Tensome SCD Group Hong Kong 2016
Trip Around Salt Spring Salt Spring Scottish Country Dance Club 2012
Trip To Applecross RSCDS Summer School 2016
Trip To Austin RSCDS Chicago Branch 2015
Trip To Bavaria Tay Dancers, Blairgowrie, Scotland 2015
Trip To Crinan Summer Dancing At Trinity College, Toronto 2015
Trip To Edinburgh RSCDS Edinburgh 2018
Trip To Fanwood Fanwood, New Jersey 2012
Trip To Gatlinburg RSCDS Seattle 2012
Trip To Glasgow Kelburn SCD Club, New Zealand 2019
Trip To Gretna Green RSCDS New York 2016
Trip To Lorient Lorient RSCDS 2007
Trip To Paradise RSCDS New York 2016
Trip To Perth Berkhamsted Strathspey And Reel Club 2014
Trip To St Andrews Arkansas Dance Festival, Mountain View 2008
Trip To The Drakensberg German Team Mixed, Newcastle SCD Festival 2019
Trip To The Netherlands Red Thistle Dancers, Pleasanton 2000
Trip To The Summer Isles Thistle Club Eindhoven 2014
Trip To The Zillertal Gleneagles Scottish Country Dance Club 2018
Trip To Timber Ridge Charlotte (NC) Scottish Country Dance Society 2018
Trip To Tobermory (Allen) RSCDS Paris Branch 2018
Triple Happiness RSCDS 2018
Triskelion Kalamazoo Scottish Country Dancers 2018
Triumph Thornhill Scottish Country Dancers 2008
Tri-Mariner Ladies Airyhall Dancers, Newcastle RSCDS Festival 2016
Trysting Place Newcastle Festival - International Team White 2012
Tulloch Gorm Scottish Country Dance Class, Seattle, U district 2012
Turkey Trot RSCDS Hamilton And Clydesdale 2019
Twa Meenit Reel Vancouver Island SCD 2012
Twa Rogueish E'en Chard Scottish Country Dancers 2018
Tweedbridge Court Eastminster Level 2 Class 2017
Twelve 1314 Scottish Dance Group, Erlangen 2012
Twelve Coates Crescent Upper Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club 2012
Twelvesome Reel Budapest 2013
Twenty Candles For Iberia Lisbon Scottish Country Dancing Group 2014
Twenty-Three Two Ninety Prague Caledonian Club With Geraldine And Holger Schuckelt 2016
Twine Weel The Plaiden Thistle And Valley Scottish Country Dancers Nova Scotia 2018
Twins' Delight Sutton Coldfield RSCDS 2017
Twirl Of The Kilt Flying Ghillies Scottish Country Dancers 2007
Twisted Rights And Lefts Lower Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club, New Zealand 2018
Twixt Don And Dee RSCDS Aberdeen Display, Newcastle 2020
Two And Two RSCDS Toronto, 50th Annual Tartan Ball 2013
Two Furlongs RSCDS Ribble Valley Branch 2017
Two Gray Cats Fanwood, New Jersey 2016
Two Hornpipes Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2014
Two Up, Two Down Red Thistle Dancers, Pleasanton Highland Games 2019
Tyrebagger Red Thistle Dancers, Pacific Grove Concert 1987
Tyrella Homestead Clive SCD Group, New Zealand 2016

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