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Dance In And Cast

Cuddle cast is a popular alternative name for this modified form of Cast from a Standing Position in which the Dancers Face each other, Advance, Pull back the appropriate shoulder to Face Out and Dance Out to their Starting Position before Casting (from Facing Out) in the normal way.

Dance in and cast requires two more bars than the more conventional form of Casting in order to accommodate the more open movement of the Figure; for example, in bars 41-44 of The Blacksmith of Elgin, 4 bars are allowed rather than 2 bars as would be normal for Casting one Place.

Here are examples of those Scottish Country Dances for which we have instructions on this site and in which the term, Dance in and cast, either appears explicitly or is implied; note that for a common term these will be a small selection; for a rare term, these may be all that exist:

Castle Douglas
Findlays' Jig
Highland Rambler
Jack On The Green
Jig For Midge
Pittencrieff Panic
Swiss Lassie
Travelling Men
Whistling Wind

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