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Mirror Reels Of Four

The Mirror reels of four are like Parallel reels of four but made up of one standard form Reel of four and one Reverse reel of four.

In Scottish Country Dancing, as with the much more common Mirror reels of three, this Figure allows the dancers to Take Nearer hands whenever they meet, thereby making the Covering much more elegant, especially in a Strathspey.

For example, here are some Scottish Country Dances in which the term, Mirror Reels Of Four, is used in either the MiniCrib or the MaxiCrib Dance instructions or both -
Bayside Twenty-First
Calum's Road
Hutton Castle
Lagan Bridges
Rockcliffe Rant
Silver Halsway
When Dancers Meet

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Mirror Reels Of Four

Mirror Reels Of Four Video Clip

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