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Set And Link For 2 Couples

This is a simplified version of Set and link with only two Dancers in the Starting line Facing a similar line:

Bars 1-2
Taking hands in the lines, all Set Facing the Dancers in the other line;

Bars 3-4
The Dancers at the left End of each line Dance In, Pulling right shoulder back, to Finish at the other End of the same line
the Dancers at the right End of each line Cast, Pulling right shoulder back, to Finish at the other End of the same line.

Most commonly, all start in the Sidelines and Finish Facing In as, for example, for 1st and 2nd couples in bars 17-20 of The Honeysuckle And The Bindweed (Bradley) where it is used as a Progression. However, the Figure can start with the Dancers in lines Across the set, Facing Up and down, and Finishing to suit the next Figure.

There is a derivative form of Set and link for 2 couples On the sides in bars 1-4 of Cullen Skink. 1st with 2nd couple and also 3rd with 4th couple each perform the Figure On the sides but, instead of Finishing in the natural order 2143, the End Couples Pass each other to Finish in the order 2413.
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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Set And Link For 2 Couples

Set And Link For 2 Couples Video Clip

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