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Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams: I

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I Canna Buckle To
I Can't Make It Any Easier
I Shall Return
Iain Campbell's Jig
Iain's Obsession
Ian Gaylor's Entrance To Matrimony
Ian Hasnae Crossed The Braes
Ian Powrie's Farewell To Auchterarder
Iberian Gathering
Ice Cap
Ice Cream With Chopsticks
If At First...
Ileana's Strathspey
Ilka Joy
I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon
I'll Mak' Ye Fain To Follow Me
Illabo Rant
Illabo Reel
Immigrant Lass
In Balance
In Garb Of Old Gaul
In Mr McGregor's Garden
In Sickness And In Health
Ina Souter's Jig
Inch Of Perth
Inconstant Suitors
Indian River Strathspey
Inimitable Derek
Inn On The Moor
Innes Dancers' Reel
Inside Oot Fish Eater
Inver Inn
Inverane Rant
Invercauld's Reel
Inverneill House
Inverness Country Dance
Inverness Reel
Inverugie Castle (Elliot)
Invitation Dance
Iona Cross
Iona Reel
Irene Bennett's Strathspey
Irish Rover
Iron Bridge
Iron Horse Reel
Iron Man
Isabel Paterson's Jig
Isdale Jig
Isla's Fancy
Islay Mist
Isle Of Islay
Isle Of Skye
It Flows Nicely
It Wisnae Me
Itchy Feet
It'll Be Alright On The Night
It's A Reel Thing
It's About Time
It's All Right
It's Fun To Dance
It's Just For Fun
It's Nae Bother
It's Nearly Christmas (3-Couple Version)
It's Nearly Christmas (4-Couple Version)
It's Not Rocket Science
It's Reel Life
It's Spring Again
It's Time To . . .
Ivy Leaf

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