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Diagonal Reel Of Three

The Diagonal reel of three is a Reel of three in which the axis of the Reel is on a Diagonal line. It is uncommon in the standard form with three dancers but occurs with the Dancing couple in Tandem, as in bars 9-24 of The Flight of the Falcon.

It also occurs as a half Figure, also in the Tandem form, as in bars 9-24 of Pelorus Jack and in the Promenade form with the Dancing couple in Promenade hold, as in bars 9-16 of Cramond Bridge.

Here are examples of those Scottish Country Dances for which we have instructions on this site and in which the term, Diagonal reel of three, either appears explicitly or is implied; note that for a common term these will be a small selection; for a rare term, these may be all that exist:

Crossing The Brook
Eight Of Diamonds
Invitation Dance
Lad O' Kyle
Lady Peak's Strathspey
One Fine Day
Side By Side

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