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Tandem Reel Of Three

The Tandem reel of three is a Reel of three in which one or more of the three Reeling Dancers is replaced by two Dancers closely following each other and treated as one Dancer.

In bars 17-24 of the Scottish Country Dance, The Sound of Harris, the 3rd and 2nd Men, the 1st Couple and the 3rd and 2nd Ladies perform a Reel of three Across, all Dancing in Tandem. More commonly, only one Dancer in the Reel is replaced by 2 Dancers as, for example in bars 17-24 of The  Cranberry Tart where 1st Couple Dance in Tandem and 2nd Couple Dance as individuals.

The Tandem form also occurs in Half reels of three as, for example, in bars 9-12 and 21-24 of Trip to Nerja.

The Alternating tandem reel of three is a common derivative form in which the Dancer following in Tandem overtakes the leader on reaching the End of the Reel of three.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Tandem Reel Of Three

Tandem Reel Of Three Video Clip

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