Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Large Circular Set Dances

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced in Large Circular Sets and for which some form of instructions (crib, crib diagram or video) is available on this site. Unless otherwise indicated, all are either Progressive or have a Progressive version.

All Mixed Up
Beyond The Black Stump
Can-Do Ceilidh
Canonbie Ceilidh
Chain Around
Circassian Big Circle
Circle Of Cheer
Corona Dance
Dancing Circle
Eights All Round
Erika's Way
Fairy Ring
Feline Friends - Not progressive.
Feline Friends Reloaded - Not progressive.
High Country Mixer
Hummingbirds In Oldenburg
Knot On A Ferry
La Bastringue
Linked Circle
New Forest Circle
P's And C's
Spring Fever (Kowalczik)
Suas E!
Walk Round
Warm Up
Warm Up 2
Warm Up Jig
Wednesday Welcome