Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Large Circular Set Dances

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced in Large Circular Sets and for which a crib is available on this site. Unless otherwise indicated, all are either Progressive or have a Progressive version.

All Mixed Up
Beyond The Black Stump
Can-Do Ceilidh
Canonbie Ceilidh
Chain Around
Circassian Big Circle
Circle Of Cheer
Dancing Circle
Eights All Round
Erika's Way
Fairy Ring
Feline Friends - Not progressive.
Feline Friends Reloaded - Not progressive.
Hummingbirds In Oldenburg
Knot On A Ferry
Linked Circle
New Forest Circle
P's And C's
Spring Fever (Kowalczik)
Suas E!
Walk Round
Warm Up
Warm Up 2
Warm Up Jig
Wednesday Welcome