Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

8-Bar Figures

The following Figures require 8 bars of music; where this is not the standard Time allocation and also where alternative Time allocations apply, some comment is included.


The axum reel halfway:
the half form as defined in Complex Figures.

The bourrel.

The bourrel for 3 couples.

The bourrel for 4 couples.

Chain progression.

Chaperoned chain progression.

Crescent reels of four.

Crown triangles:
an unusual form which returns the Dancing couple to their Starting Positions.

Diagonal reel of four.

Diagonal reel of three.

Double triangles.

En rond.


Grand chain:
this Timing is rather rushed, even in Strathspeys.

Half celtic reel:

Half grand chain:
this Timing is much more comfortable, especially in Quick tempo dances.

Half petronella.

Half rondel.

Half schiehallion reel.

Hands across And back.

Hands round and back.

Interlocking reels of four.

Inveran reels.

Kilt pin reel.

The knot for 2 couples.

The knot for 3 couples.

Ladies' chain.

Ladies' schiehallion reel:
this exists as the Ladies' form of a Half schiehallion reel with this Timing.

Men's chain.


Progressive chain.

Promenade round.

Reel of four.

Reel of three.

The reverse reel of four.

The reverse snake.

Right and lefts.


Sash pin reel.

Set and rotate.

Set and rotate for 3 couples.

The slip knot for 2 couples.

The slip knot for 3 couples.

Snowball chain.

The smoke.

The snake.

The spoke.

The swirl.

The targe.

the full Figure as defined in Figures.

The tourbillon.

The tournée.

Weasel reel.

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