Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

Judith Kowalczik

Dances Devised By The Scottish Country Dance Deviser - J. Kowalczik

ABC Jig (Kowalczik)
Chasing Butterflies
Dancer's Brainwave
Dinner For One
Double Trouble Triangles
En Tournée Avec Iris
Erika's Way
Feline Friends
Feline Friends Reloaded
Flowers And Fields
Hogmanay Rebels
Hummingbirds In Oldenburg
It's Reel Life
Keep It Flowing
Kramermarkt Reel
Meet Me Mondays
Paranoid Jig
Passion Meets Profession
Reel Thing
Reunion Jig
Ribbons And Rings
Rose For The Cobbler
Spring Fever (Kowalczik)
Toast To Meike
You Are Not Alone

Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams For Dances Devised By J. Kowalczik

Claudia's Barn Dance
Fast And Furious
Romancing Ramona
Wild Hedda Reel