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Advance And Retire

To Advance and retire, Dance towards the Dancer you are Facing and then Dance backward (using the backward form of the appropriate Travelling step) to where you Started from. This Scottish Country Dance Figure may be performed Across The set, Up and down The set or on a Diagonal and may involve one Dancer or a line of Dancers, with the Facing Dancer(s) either stationary or, more commonly, also Advancing and Retiring. Where a line of dancers is involved, they normally Take hands.

The Figure occurs in Strathspeys and in Quick tempo dances. It is simply a combination of Advance and Retire; four bars are normally allocated for the Figure though sometimes only two, as in bars 19-20 and 23-4 of the Strathspey, Bonnie Stronshiray.

See also Set advancing and retire in Setting movements.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Advance And Retire

Advance And Retire Video Clip

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