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Rights And Lefts For 5 Couples

The Figure Rights and lefts for 5 couples is similar to Right and lefts for 3 couples with three pairs of Scottish Country Dancers making the Diagonal Cross By the left. All Cross By the right to start, taking 2 bars. Next the dancers in 1st and 2nd Man's Places and also those in 4th and 5th Ladies' Places Cross up and down on the sides By the left While those in 1st Lady's and 3rd Man's Places, 2nd Lady's and 4th Man's Places and 3rd Lady's and 5th Man's Places Exchange places by Crossing Diagonally By the left, also taking 2 bars. These 4 bars are repeated four more times, taking 20 bars in all, all Finishing in their Starting Positions.

As in Right and lefts for 3 couples, and for the same reason, phrasing needs great care.

For example, here is a Scottish Country Dance in which the term, Rights and lefts for 5 couples, is used in either the MiniCrib or the MaxiCrib Dance instructions or both -
Newbury's 50th Anniversary.

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