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Grand Chain Halfway

Sometimes called 'half grand chain', Grand chain halfway is exactly half of the full Grand chain.

In a Square set, the Dancers Finish opposite the Place in which they started; in a Longwise, Active set of 4 Couples, the Dancers Finish diagonally opposite. Normally, 2 bars are allowed per Dancer Passed, i.e., 8 bars in all, though sometimes, especially in Strathspeys, only one per Dancer, i.e., 4 in all.

In all Scottish Country Dancing Strathspeys, and in any Quick tempo dance where 2 bars are allowed per Dancer Passed, Taking hands should be quite graceful; where only 1 bar is allowed as, for example, in bars 1-4, 17-20, 65-68 and 81-84 of Nottingham Lace, some elegance may have to be forgone in favour of accurate Phrasing.

The lower diagram shows an example from bars 21-24 of The Garry Strathspey; the Dancers start the Figure in the order 1 4 3 2 on Opposite Sides and Finish in the order 2 3 4 1 on their Own sides. Perhaps because the final Places are not strongly intuitive, it is common practice, even at a Ball, to find the Dancers counting the four Passing movements in unison.

In a Circular set with 3 Couples or a Longwise, Active set with 3 Couples, this half Figure normally takes only 4 bars; the Phrasing is as for the first half of the full Grand chain in a Longwise, Active set with 3 Couples.
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