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Rights And Lefts Halfway Diagonally

Sometimes called Half diagonal rights and lefts, Rights and lefts halfway diagonally is a version of Right and lefts halfway in which the path is distorted Diagonally in some way; it is exactly half of Right and lefts diagonally and takes 4 bars. The Polite turn should be applied whenever practicable.

In a Longwise set, the rectangle becomes a parallelogram with Crossing (Across the set) replaced by Crossing Diagonally. This Figure involves only 4 Dancers rather than the 6 in the full Figure: the Dancing couple Finish opposite their Starting Positions. Either First or Second Corners, but not both, are involved; the Corners Finish diagonally opposite their Starting Positions, i.e., they Exchange places.

Diagram, Rights And Lefts Halfway Diagonally

Rights And Lefts Halfway Diagonally

Rights and lefts halfway diagonally in a Longwise set. 1st couple Start in 2nd place on Opposite sides; Men's paths are shown as a full line, Ladies' as a broken line; 1st couple's paths are emboldened and the arrow heads show their Finishing Positions. The final Turns to Finish Facing Partners (Polite turns for 2nd man and 3rd lady) are not shown.

The diagram shows, as an example, bars 29-32 of Bratach Bàna: first, the Dancing couple, in 2nd Place on Opposite Sides, Cross diagonally By the right, the Lady going Down, the Man going Up, and so Exchange places with her/his Partner's First corner position; then they Cross up and down on the sides By the left to reach 2nd Place on their Own sides.

Note that, in a Longwise set (the most common usage), Half diagonal rights and lefts differs from the simpler Half rights and lefts in that the Dancing couple always Cross with a Corner, never with each other.

Here are examples of those Scottish Country Dances for which we have instructions on this site and in which the term, Rights and lefts halfway diagonally, either appears explicitly or is implied; note that for a common term these will be a small selection; for a rare term, these may be all that exist:

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Eileen Watt's Strathspey
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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Rights And Lefts Halfway Diagonally

Rights And Lefts Halfway Diagonally Video Clip

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