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This section covers Allemande as a Scottish Country Dancing Figure, though the term is often used to indicate that some other Figure should be performed using Allemande hold as, for example, in bars 73-80 of The Robertson Rant where the Couples Chase anticlockwise around the 4-couple square set.

Allemande exists in versions for two, three or four Couples; all require a Travelling step to be used throughout the 8-bar Figure.

The Couples must start on the Centre line Facing Up at the beginning of the 8-bar phrase. There is no time at the beginning of the Figure to reach the Centre line from the Side lines; any stationary Couple must dance into the Centre line on the last bar of the preceding Figure, using the left foot step of Skip change (diagram 4) or of the Strathspey travelling step (diagram 10); those Couples performing the previous Figure must adapt the ending so as to Finish on the Centre line.

Allemande is best preceded by a movement which naturally Finishes on the Centre line, such as Turn by the right or Promenade which can be adapted to Finish there.

See Allemande for 2 couples, Allemande for 3 couples and Allemande for 4 couples for precise details of these specific forms of the Figure.

In some dances, bars 7-8 for one or more Couples may have to be modified to suit the subsequent Figure. In a few dances, this Figure appears in an inverted form, starting with the Couples on Opposite sides of the Centre line, Facing Down, the bottom Couple leading.

The following Scottish Country Dances require one or other of these forms of Allemande:
Duchess Tree
Shepherd's Crook (RSCDS Book 10)
None So Pretty
Peggy's Love
Peggy's Wedding
Byron Strathspey
Jean Martin Of Aberdeen
Tribute To The Borders
Trip To The Drakensberg
Alison Rose

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Allemande (For 2 Couples)

Allemande Video Clip

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Inverse Allemande (For 2 Couples)

Inverse Allemande Video Clip

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Allemande for 3 Couples

Allemande for 3 Couples Video Clip

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